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Witherbys sculpts gallery guide for British talent

18th March 2019

London-born sculptor Sam Orlando Miller is based in Cataluña in Spain nowadays, but even as his work takes on an increasingly Mediterranean influence befitting his surroundings, he never forgets his roots amid the English craftsmanship of his family’s silversmithing workshop.

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Witherbys in for second Speedmaster XL 75 | PrintWeek Press Release

22nd October 2018

Witherbys in for second Speedmaster XL 75 and the latest news and analysis from across the printing industry.

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Witherbys returns to Heidelberg for second XL75 | PrintBusiness Press Release

19th October 2018

Two years after switching from an SM74 to an XL75, the London printer has replaced its second SM74 in the same way.

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Witherbys adds a second Speedmaster XL 75 | Heidelberg Press Release

10th October 2018

Witherbys will take delivery of its second Speedmaster XL 75 in two years. The first, a Speedmaster XL 75-6, was delivered in 2016 and now a five-colour is being added at the end of the year.

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Xerox visits Witherbys

February 2017

Following the installation of our 2 new Digital presses earlier this year, Witherbys were visited by Xerox UK who asked if they could bring some distinguished guests from Japan. These were Fuji Xerox Japan, The All Japan Federation of Printing Industries and Japanese printing Companies, Otowa Printing Co Ltd, Bunshodo Printing Corporation and Takizawa News Press Ltd, who were all very interested in seeing how Witherbys have been operating since 1740 and were keen to observe our entire operation.

A very pleasant morning was had by all and the question and answers language barrier was overcome with the aid of a translator gifts were exchanged and they were very interested with our history book detailing the companies events from 1740-2015.

Our Electric Van

March 2016

The environment is important to us all and to continue our commitment to reducing Witherbys carbon footprint, we have invested in a new Nissan NV 200 Accent Rapid Electric Van.

Witherbys moves up to Speedmaster XL75 performance | PrintBusiness Press Release

23rd July 2016

North London B2 printer Witherbys has installed a six-colour XL75, its most powerful litho press yet.

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Witherbys boosts production with Heidelberg press and finishing upgrades| PrintWeek Press Release

20th July 2016

London printer Witherbys is looking to boost capacity with a new six-colour Speedmaster XL 75 and Stahlfolder CH 56 from Heidelberg.

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Witherbys increases automation and output with press and folder spend | Heidelberg Press Release

19th July 2016

London printer Witherbys is this week commissioning a Speedmaster XL 75-6 and undertaking training on a new Stahlfolder CH 56. This is a business which offers a “stress-free”, high quality printing service.

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Welcoming a new firm into the fold | PrintWeek Press Release

10th Aug 2015

Take his word for it, acquiring a company can be a great way of growing your existing one. In the last decade Witherbys' managing director ...

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Witherbys rebrands and celebrates 275 years in business | PrintWeek Press Release

6th July 2015

Witherbys rebrands and celebrates 275 years in business and the latest news and analysis from across the printing industry.

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How we celebrated 275 years of Witherbys

July 2015

We started the year in discussions with Visix Ltd who assisted us on rebranding and redesigning our website. Our aim was to create an old style logo with a modern twist.

With some hard work we achieved our goal feel and we were ready to unveil this in July 2015 at a customer celebration of our 275 years at the St. Brides Foundation in the heart of London’s Fleet Street.

Many of our customers attended the event and we were pleased that two of our very oldest customers, The Worshipful Company of Fishmongers, a customer since 1743, and The Worshipful Company of Coopers, a customer since 1741 were both there and also said some very kind words while presenting Witherbys with a plaque in recognition of this auspicious occasion.

Celebrating 275 years of Witherbys in London

In November 2015 it was the Staff of Witherbys turn to celebrate the milestone and this was done in traditional fashion by taking all the staff and their partners for a weekend to The Old Ship in Brighton, which is said to be the oldest hotel in Britain. Witherbys also celebrated its 250 years anniversary at the same venue.

Keeping with the tradition of the past the following employees were recognised with long service awards at the after dinner speeches.

James Greene collecting his 25 year-long service award

25 Year Awards:

Kym Youngsam
Gary Freeman
James Greene
Gene O’Reilly

40 Year Award:

Bill Kelly

An overall of 80 awards have been given out since the service awards began in 1927. The 40-year accolade has been rewarded to a remarkable 39 staff with two staff reaching the 60-year mark.

There then followed a good old-fashioned knees up with the staff and partners dancing the night away until the early hours.

Celebrating 275 Years

July 2015

Over the past 275 years, thousands of our customers, staff and business partners have all been a part of helping Witherbys evolve. To every single individual, thank you.

As we begin to enter another period in our history, we aim to create further milestones to be proud of. We want to continue investing in the future of printed communications to ensure our customers’ requirements are maintained.

From 1740 to 2015. We started from handwritten marriage settlements to now offering both litho and digital printing. We survived two World Wars a General Strike and The Wall Street Crash all in the space of thirty years. Witherbys have come a long way since being burnt down in 1748, where we have since become an established and well recognised print company throughout the UK and Internationally.

To mark this achievement we have decided to rebrand to celebrate our 275 year history. We really wanted the new brand to encapsulate the history of Witherbys. This is truly because it has made us who we are today. Behind the new logo and website is our promise to continue helping our customers use print to benefit their business.

We believe our customer service, quality of work and highly regarded loyal customers have helped us achieve our success. We are honoured to have worked together with many prestigious companies over the years.

To thank our family of staff for their consistent commitment and hard work, we are going for an outing to The Old Ship Hotel in Brighton This is the venue where so many of the firm’s outings took place during the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s the last time being in 1990 when we celebrated 250 years.

Thank you all, lets continue to create history.

Five minutes of fame | PrintWeek Press Release

2nd September 2013

Established in 1740, Witherbys has something of an archive itself, and was able to show Lineker an amazing old book of handwritten lettering ...

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When Gary Lineker came to Witherbys

July 2013

Another fantastic milestone to add to the ever-growing history of Witherbys Ltd was in 2013, when broadcaster and former England footballer Gary Lineker was on a mission to track down the history of one of his ancestors. And Witherbys made it all possible.

Gary Lineker came to Witherbys as part of the TV programme, “Who do you think you are?” which featured on BBC1. Gary and the camera crew spent many hours in our factory to film the episode with our Finance Director Bill Kelly.

Gary’s four times great Grandfather, Thomas Billingham, completed an apprenticeship with Witherbys in the early 19th century back then an apprenticeship would start at 14 years of age and last 7 years compared to the modern day apprenticeship which can last anything from 1-4 years with a minimum starting age of 16.

Thomas Billingham spent his apprenticeship learning to become a calligrapher. Clients would come to Witherbys requiring someone with the handwritten skills of Thomas for very particular agreements such as marriage settlements, wills, rental compliances. Once qualified, he was eligible to write bespoke documents for courts and legal chambers. It was crucial that the font was exactly the same on every piece of work. He and another member of staff would collaborate on the documents so the font had to be identical in style.

The programme reveals an original precedent book from the 1800’s which contained styles of writing from over 200 years ago. This book would have been used to assist clients pick a font for their document, and also to help Thomas and his colleagues learn the types of writing styles.

Gary Lineker was particularly impressed when seeing an actual piece of his work, “Not bad for a gardener's boy!” he said.

Thomas Billingham’s father was an illiterate gardener, but Thomas was sponsored by his father’s employer and went into education and became a highly skilled legal clerk for Witherbys in London.

As you can see through the video, Gary Lineker was clearly moved by finding a real copy of a contract Thomas had handwritten which dated back to 1821.

Witherbys and the print industry have evolved and we continue to develop in terms of technology and the way we work. A lot has changed and we will continue to progress by investing in the best technology for our customers.

Witherbys Printing cuts chemistry usage by 75% following Fujifilm ZAC processor installation | PrintWeek Press Release

10th March 2011

Witherbys Lithoflow Printing has cut its chemistry usage by 75% after installing a Fujifilm FLH-Z II 85 ZAC processor in a bid to boost its environmental credentials.

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Witherbys invests in Spekta hybrid screening to boost quality | PrintWeek Press Release

4th July 2008

Witherbys Lithoflow has installed Screen's Spekta 2 hybrid AM/FM screening to allow it to produce highquality output even when customers ...

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